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Food Label Information

Melody Macarons

Ingredients for all macaron flavors

All flavor macaroons contain common ingredients below:

almond flour (Blanched almonds), powder sugar (sugar, corn starch), egg whites, vanilla extract (vanilla bean extractives in water, alcohol (35%)), whole milk, yellow egg yolks, granulated sugar (sugar), unsalted butter (pasteurized cream, natural flavoring, milk), heavy whipping cream (heavy cream, skim milk, mono and diglycerides, polysorbate 80, carrageenan).  Contains: Tree Nuts(Almond), Milk, Eggs 
Red Hot Berry: strawberry jam (strawberry, fructose, corn syrup, sugar, citric acid).

Blues Berry:  blueberry jam (blueberry, corn syrup, pectin, citric acid).

Wine Grape: grape jam

Chocolate Hazelnut: cocoa powder (cocoa), dark chocolate (corn sugar, cocoa, water, vanilla flavor),

Espresso Coffee: coffee

Cookies & Cream: Oreo cookies

Pretty Peach: peach jam (peaches, sugar, pectin, citric acid). 

Mouth Watering Lemon: lemon powder (citric acid, potassium citrate, sodium citrate, aspartame+, magnesium oxide, natural flavor,  acesulfame potassium, soy lecithin, artificial color, yellow 5, BHA (preserves freshness)

Creamy Marshmallow: Marshmallow cream

Sprinkle Coconut: Coconut flakes

Rich Earl Grey: Earl  grey tea

Healthy Green:  green tea powder

Sweet Taro: Taro powder

Honey Mango: Mango puree

Chai Caramel: Chai tea

Milky Thai: Thai tea

Ingredients for all mousse cake flavors

All flavor mousse cakes contain common ingredients below:

powder sugar (sugar, corn starch), whole milk, yellow egg yolks, granulated sugar (sugar), heavy whipping cream (heavy cream, skim milk, mono and diglycerides, polysorbate 80, carrageenan), cream cheese (pasteurized milk and cream whey, protein concentrate, whey, salt, carob bean gum, xanthan gum, guar gum, natamycin, Vitamin A Palmitate, cheese culture).

 Tiramisu Mousse Cake: coffee

 Mango Mousse Cake: mango fruit, mango puree, lemon juice

 Strawberry Mousse Cake: strawberry fruit, strawberry puree, lemon juice

 Green Tea Mousse Cake: green tea, soy milk

 Chocolate Mousse Cake: dark chocolate, cocoa powder, hazelnut

 Coconut Mousse Cake: coconut puree, lemon juice

 Thai Mousse Cake: Thai tea, condensed milk

If you have any questions about allergens or other dietary concerns, please contact our customer support click here, and we will be happy to help you in more detail!

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